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Take Action: Hire a Superintendent Who Champions Our Goals!

Hey Atlanta!

Our school district needs a superintendent who will hit the ground running for all our students, and guess what? Your input can help choose that person.

By the time our next superintendent begins this summer, Atlanta Public Schools will have gone through four superintendents in 10 years. That's a lot, right? It's time for a change, and your voice matters!

In 2021, the Atlanta Board of Education created a policy called “Goals & Guardrails” to make sure the superintendent has a clear guide to follow in their role. The Guardrails tell the superintendent how to lead:

- Fairness for All: Everyone gets a fair shot at learning!
- Everyone's In: No big decisions without talking to students, parents, teachers, and the community first!
- No Fear Zone: Our schools should be friendly and welcoming, not scary.
- Fix It Up: If a school needs help, we make a plan and get it done.

Now, we're asking you to do your part! It's simply saying, "Hey, Atlanta Board of Education, let's pick a superintendent who will do what it takes to get the job done!" Send your Board members an email and tell them we want a champion who helps us reach our collective Goals by 2026:

- More students reading on grade level – from 36.9% to 47%.
- More students doing math on grade level – from 35.0% to 45.4%.
- More high school students graduating with reading and math proficiency.
- More students ready for the world, college-bound, or on a pathway to a career – from 51.5% to 59.3%.

Show the Atlanta Board of Education that we're on their team and ready to meet them in their commitment to two-way communication. They’ve encouraged the public to inquire, learn about, make suggestions for improvements, and express a continuing interest in APS operations. Here’s your chance!

Tell the Board we want a superintendent who's serious about our students' success. Let’s do this.

Go team!

Action Note: Personalized letters deliver the greatest impact. We encourage you to add why a superintendent who champions change is important to you by editing the text in the Email Preview field on the right.

Read more about the Goals and Guardrails policy on the Atlanta Board of Education website.